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Audiolab is revered worldwide for their sound, design and value and the new 8200 series takes this to a whole new level. The first model to be released will be the new 8200CD, a fully-featured integrated DAC and CD transport. Exhibiting a number of digital inputs including USB, coax, and optical, the 8200CD is the most flexible integrated DAC/CD on the market with sampling rates up to 24/192. It has just received a 5-star review in What Hi-Fi.

Audiolab products carry a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Audiolab Q-DAC Digital to Analog Converter

SALE: $582.97 Regular: $699.00 CAD
Audiolab M-DAC Digital to Analog Converter

$999.00 USD
Audiolab M-PWR Power Amplifier

$699.00 USD
Audiolab Q-DAC & M-PWR Combination

$1098.00 USD
Audiolab M-DAC & M-PWR Combination

$1298.00 USD
Audiolab 8200A Integrated Amplifier

$999.00 USD
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