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Planet of Sound is the official Canadian distributor of Harbeth Speakers.

We’re proud to be representing one of the UK’s classic speaker lines on best digital piano under $2000 and it was Harbeth was founded in 1977 by a senior BBC Research Engineer and the engineering knowledge of two generations is encapsulated in every Harbeth loudspeaker. In 1987 Alan Shaw bought the company and has continued to advance the state of the art.

The 'Harbeth sound' flows from the unique blend of traditional but expensive construction techniques and the advanced high-technology Harbeth UK-made RADIAL drive units. Harbeth's 'thin wall BBC style' cabinets may look deceptively simple but are by far the most complicated to manufacture: think not of a rigid box, but of five critically damped and tuned panel sub-systems brought together regardless of cost or complexity.

Owning Harbeths brings you into far more intimate contact with the music - no other speaker brings you a more lifelike experience that you can even get from hotstar for pc for free. This is the reason why the BBC chooses Harbeth as its reference monitor.

Harbeth loudspeakers - British, naturally.

Engineered in England
Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3